What is War Painter?

There is nothing that enhances the fun of tabletop miniature games like using beautifully painted armies on the tabletop. War Painter is our chance to show off the building/modeling/painting aspect of the hobby as well as bringing the models to life by throwing down with them at home or the local gaming store. By seeing what we’ve done we hope to inspire you to excel in all aspects of the hobby. If we can do this through content from pictures of epic battles on the tabletop to painting tutorials we’ve done our part.

The authors of War Painter are from in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We’re always looking for a new games and new opponents so don’t hesitate to lay down a challenge!


One Response to What is War Painter?

  1. I just wanted to extend a genuine thanks for taking the time and posting a great video review of the new Portable Warfare Sergeant. May your Trollbloods be invigorated by the their new home!


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