War Painter Migrated & Renamed to GK Workbench


I’ve done something a little crazy friends, I’ve finally gone ahead and picked myself up some space on a webserver (inspired by the likes of this Aussie guy i know, you may have heard of him!). As such I am in the process of migrating all content to the new site. I still have to do a few behind the scenes changes and as such content will start disappearing from this site and showing up there. Don’t fret friends, I will ensure the content lives on!

I have done a rename as well to stop confusion with http://warpainter-kerry.blogspot.com/ – from now on the site shall be known as GK Workbench (those of you who know me on twitter will understand). The workbench part of the name was meant to help reflect some of the development work that the new site will help facilitate.

Check out the new page by heading over to: http://gk-workbench.com

Note: Don’t forget to update your RSS viewers! For those who subscribe via email I’m working on adding the functionality so stay tuned!